The reactor in its simplest form is suitable for dissolution and crystallization processes for reflux boiling and for reactions involving refrigeration or heating. The advantage of this laboratory and pilot plant equipment is primarily its all-glass construction; this means smooth, pore-free internal surfaces without trouble-some internal fittings in the reaction chamber.To enable dissolution and reaction operations to be carried out before the distillation and to prevent the boiling delays during the distillation, this equipment can be optionally fitted with an anchor-screw, suction or paddle stirrer.

Reaction Equipment with Phase-separating vessel

This type of construction is used with advantage if for example, esterification is carried out with the addition of an entrainer to remove the water of reaction. The layout of the pipes permits both the light and heavy phases to be fed back into the reaction vessel. The aftercooler, which it is advisable to operate with a colder coolant than the condenser, is of advantage especially for vacuum operation. The partial pressure of the product is reduced as a result and the vacuum system protected from contaminants and corrosion.

Discontinuous rectification

In addition to the reaction equipment for phase separation, this equipment has a packed column and a reflux divider, also provides the option of separating liquid mixtures by rectification after the reaction has been carried out. The column height and the type of packing are determined by the separation requirement or the available room height. The reflux ration required for the rectification is adjusted by an electronically controlled reflux divider.

To plan a distillation equipment following information is required:-

  • Distillation output and details of the mixture to be distilled.
  • The means of heating available.
  • Cooling water temperature (deg C).
  • Operating pressure (normal pressure, vacuum) (mbar)
  • Vessel volume and the number and capacity of the circulating vessels and receivers.
  • Type of operation (Reflux boiling, distillation, rectification, reaction, phase separation).
  • Stirrer with fixed or variable speed.
  • Details of the maximum room height available or information on the installation site.