Kilo Labs (including solid handling systems)

Universal Reaction/Distillation Units Major parts defined:-

1. Reactor Bottom Pan

  • Standard version: glass lined (20L,50L,100L,250L) pre insulated (with SS cladding) jacketed; Special Pfaudler “Pharma Glass” lining also available.
  • ASAHI-Japan, Triple Wall Glass Reactor (up to 60 L).
  • Cylindrical Jacketed Glass (Double Wall) up to 50L.
  • SS, Hastelloy, Pre-insulated Jacketed.

2. Reactor Top Cover

  • Standard version_Glass top cover.
  • Glass lined, SS, Hastalloy for pressure reactions (standard up to 6 bar, special design up to 20 bar)

3. Stirrer System

  • Standard version: Glass lined, anchor, turbine agitator.
  • PTFE lined, multistage, anchor, turbine, interchangeable impellers are also available.
  • Glass : anchor, turbine, suction agitators.
  • Motors: ex-proof, speed control by VFD or mechanical variator. Suitable gear box.
  • Seal: SiC,single dry running. Double seal with barrier fluid also available.
  • Complete SS construction (option) , SS hood for motor , gearbox, housing (standard)

4. Bottom Outlet Valve

  • Flush with zero dead volume:Glass/PTFE.
  • Glass lined, SSGlass lined with temperature sensor (optional)

5. Reactor Bottom Pan-Raising/ Lowering Device

  • Manual or motorized.
  • Also removable after lowering.

6. Safety Devices

  • Glass/PTFE Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Rupture Disc.
  • Translucent coating of glass components.

7. Glass OverHead Assembly

The standard overhead glass assembly is designed to conduct reactions under reflux, followed by distillation. The following process equipment are standard:

  • Cylindrical graduated feed vessel for controlled addition of liquid reactants.
  • Vapour pipe.
  • Glass : anchor, turbine, suction agitators.
  • Primary condenser.
  • Vent condenser.
  • Distillate cooler.
  • Phase separator for azeotropic distillation with re-cycle of any phase. The design of the phase separator permits the adjustment of interface layer height externally without disturbing any process pipeline.
  • Twin distillate receivers.
  • Interconnecting glass process pipeline with high quality valves.
  • Comprehensive and rational pressure equalization process pipeline for hydraulic integrity of the complete system. Single point application of vacuum for the complete system.


  • Two liquid feed vessels
  • Vacuum manifold.
  • System w/o phase separator.
  • Fractional distillation with infinitely variable reflux.

8. Support Structure

  • Complete SS construction.
  • Special designs for low headrooms.
  • Suitable for installation in walk-in fume hoods.
  • Skid mounted mobile units also possible.

9. Flanges

  • Special design high strength re-enforced plastic as standard.
  • SS also available as option.
  • SS nut bolts with compression springs as standard. PTFE coated as option.

10. Online Sampling

Continuous on-line liquid sampling from the reactor

11. Heating / Cooling System

  • Single fluid with precise temperature control.
  • Temperature range: -80 deg C upto 220 deg C.
  • Fully transparent fluid allowing clear vision of process

12. Mobile Glass Nutsche Filters

  • Suitable for acidic media filtrations.
  • Vacuum filtration possible.
  • PTFE filter plate.
  • Mobile skid.

Mobile Glass Nutsche Filters

ATR-ASAHI Nutsche filters are known for their effective filtration, leak-proof mounting and easy adjustment. Nutsche filters come upto 300 liter capacity in Non-Jacketed construction and upto 100 liter capacity in double wall, jacketed construction. The design pressure is less than 2bar G. ASAHI filters are known for the effective filtration-maximised filtering efficiency. It has unique filter housing which prevents leakage and provide Leak-proof mounting system. Filters are having easy adjustment and centering system, since the systems are engineered with guided mounting system for ease of use. The equipment also comes with convenient handling cart. The filters can be fully customized and the nozzle orientation can be changed suiting the user’s needs. E.g are Stirrer handle, Feed pipe, Spray nozzle. Filter housing consist of Leak-proof mounting system resulting in high sealing performance. Filter is made of PEEK, PTFE, PP. The mesh size : 1-5,100 micro meter. The Stirring apparatus consists of locking, multi-directional stirring devise which maintains uniform cake (upto 150 mm).

Filter reactor

ATR-ASAHI make filter reactors are characterized with most efficient easy plug and play design. Some of the key features of the filter reactor are :-

  • Easy scale-up.
  • All in one unit.
  • Variety of vessel options.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Time and cost saving.
  • Full Jacket design
  • Minimized dead space.
  • Easily removable filter house.
  • Compact design.
  • Rigid inlet/outlet.
  • Complete package.

The filter reactor comes with the suitable design providing the allowance for easy scale-up meaning 1L reaction vessel can be easily replaced with 2L/3L/5L reaction vessel in the same setup/arrangement. The filter reactor comes with various vessel options- Triple wall with Ring Baffle, triple wall without ring baffle, Double wall with ring baffle, double wall without ring baffle. Our filter reactor is a all in one unit since the reaction and filtration takes place in the same filter unit. The filter reactor is for wide temperature range from -90 deg C to 200 deg c providing a temperature delta of 110 deg C.The full jacketed design convers the entire vessel area. The dead space is minimized and filter housing is with easily removable design.