The Process heat transfer comprise of Dynamic Temperature Control systems (Thermal Control Units) for the Laboratory applications.

The laboratory segment of the Dynamic Temperature Control systems (TCU) comprise of the following:-

  • Dynamic Temperature Control System.
  • Chemical Synthesis Process Control System.
  • Refrigerated heating circulator.
  • Low temperature circulator/chillers.
  • Heating circulator.
  • Heating Cooling thermostatic bath.

Please refer our catalogue for our industrial and laboratory units for more details.

Methodology of selection of TCU:-

The selection of the TCU depends on the following factors :-


For calculating the heat load, the sum total of individual masses as listed at point 1 and point2 will be multiplied by the specific heat (KJ/KgK) and the difference in temperature as specified at point number 3 in K. The energy value so derived in KJ when divided by time required in seconds for heating or cooling gives the Power required by the Dynamic Temperature Control systems (TCU), in KW which is same as KJ/sec.

  • The content of the reactor- reaction mass in KGS.
  • The mass in KGS of all the components which shall be affected by heating/cooling (or likely to absorb the heat cold) such as the Thermo fluid (the fluid which effects the heating or cooling), the jacketed hose, the TCU machine, the base vessel of the reactor, the glass lining etc.
  • The difference in temperature or the delta T, the current temperature of the mass in the reactor and the desired temperature which may require either heating or cooling as per the process condition requirements.
  • The time in which the heating or cooling has to be carried out.