Teaching Aid for Chemical Engineering

The goal of engineering education is to prepare student who practice engineering. Since the beginning of engineering education, instructional laboratories are an essential part of enginreering training takes place in the laboratory.

Again in chemical engineering education, training in the laboratory is a critical part. Chemical engineering education has challenges of integrating exprimental experience extensively with the curriculum in an effective manner. The chellenges lies in bringing students to laboratory to experience and generate interest in advanced technology and also in emerging fields through experimentation. Typically, chemical engineering laboratory. These experiments serve role of giving students a more realistic depiction of actual processing equipment.

ATR-ASAHI also has several model of laboratory setups to smoothen the process of experiment being conducted with numerous groups of students running the same esperiment. ATR-ASAHI has experience to facilitate a laboratory program of this nature optimise the time, scale complexity and cost.

ATR-ASAHI is a group of technocrats which includes chemical engineers having vast experience in the process industries as well as in teaching profession. The ATR-ASAHI is working in the industery since its inception.

Now ATR-ASAHI has decide to use its many years of experience to contribute to the teaching institutes. The experiments designed by ATR-ASAHI will give versatility to the students which will be equivalent to actual process plant by the introduction of this unique product range of "Teaching Aids."

ATR-ASahi Teaching Aids introduce various engineering systems like Reaction, Distillation, Evaporation, Extraction Absorption, Adsorption and Crystallization.