Glass Nutsche Filters

ASAHI can supply Non-Jacketed Nutsche Filters up to 300 Liters and Double Wall ; Jacketed Filters up to 100 litres. The design pressure is less than 2bar G. The key features of the Nutsche Filter are :-

  • Effective Filtration – Maximized filtering efficiency.
  • Leak-proof Mounting System –Unique Filter Housing Prevents Leakage.
  • Easy Adjustment and Centering- Asahi Engineered Guided Mounting System for ease of Use.
  • Convenient Handling Cart.
  • Nozzle Orientation- can be arrange to suit client’s needs. E.g Stirrer handle, Feed pipe, Spray nozzle.
  • Filter housing- Leak-proof mounting system, high sealing performance. Filter: PEEK, PTFE,PP. Mesh Size: 1- 5,100µm.
  • Stirring apparatus – Locking, multi-directional stirring devise maintains a uniform cake (upto 150mm).
  • Customized configuration are also available.